Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man: starting 2008 summer blockbusters

Iron Man seems to mark the beginning of the 2008 summer blockbusters. This is again based off a comic book series. Totally original. Great special effects and decent story line if you ignore logic. But well, how many movie blockbusters are logical anyway?

So, Robert Downey Jr. is the CEO of Stark Industries, a totally patriotic corporation that builds weapons for the United States. After getting high off his successful demonstration in Afghanistan, his caravan is attacked, ironically by weapons of his own creation. He is captured, and forced to build the same weapon for the terrorists.

He builds an armored suit and jailbreaks out of his cave. Oh, but before then he builds a miniature power reactor the size of two D batteries that can power the armored suit. Impressive. He returns home and refines his design to be smaller and sleeker than his juggernaut in the desert.

The rest is not covered in the trailers, so I won't continue the summary. But it's definitely a great blockbuster in special effects, action, and pyrotechnics. Just try not to reason out the why of the plot lines.

Iron Man: A for special effects and coolness factor. C for physics, logic, and psychoanalysis.

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