Friday, April 11, 2008

The Bank Job

I'm on a roll with Hollywood Historicals recently. The Bank Job is yet another movie in a string of movies that I've seen, based loosely on historical events. This one is about a 9/11 bank robbery in the year 1971. Holy crap, that's exactly 30 years before 9/11/2001. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

There are quite a bit of stories in this movie. We start off with some gratuitous nudity: some faceless girl is having a fun time at the beach, and is also seen in a threesome. Sweet. She also is getting her picture taken without her knowledge.

Fast forward a year, and we see some guy who owns a used-car dealership get the rough treatment from some thugs. Apparently he owes money. I guess that's a good enough reason to go rob a bank. After the thugs leave, some girl he's known a long time drops by and tells him about a job. He has to think about it. What he doesn't know is that she recently got caught trying to smuggle in some cocaine or heroine in her luggage.

There's also a black activist who calls himself Michael X in honor of Malcom X. He's kind of like Denzel Washington in American Gangster, except this is in London. He's all into extortion and bullying the local small shop owners to give him things for a discount, or for free, or something.

Holy crap, there's a porn king who owns a bunch of brothels and has cops on the payroll. What would a bank robbery movie be without corrupt police officers? Some higher government officials frequent these brothels. One likes it hard. Harder. Yeah. They are also getting their picture taken without their knowledge.

One of the bank robbers has a 12 inch cock, and has made a movie or two filmed by the porn king. That was random.
The government wants this bank robbery to happen as a "black op" in the hopes they can acquire the contents of safety deposit box 118, which has nude pictures of someone in the Royal Family. This safety deposit box is owned by Michael X, who is using it as his trump card to continue his terrorizing of the local citizens unchecked.

The bank robbers are quite amateurish and in over their heads. MI5 is keeping tabs on the bank robbery through the girl that got caught with drugs. I guess that's her ticket free. One of the bank robbers orders food using his real name while they're still tunneling underground. A ham radio operator manages to tune in to their walkie-talkie frequency and calls the police. It's not looking good at all.

It's a definite suspenseful thriller of a movie: B+

Negative points for cramming in way too many characters to keep track of. Some people were given too little back story to care about them.

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